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Commonly Used Technologies


Our experience with .NET spans a wide array of industries and includes development on web applications, Windows and Web services, client-server systems, desktop applications, as well as mobile and touchscreen solutions. We have experience in both C# and VB.NET developments.


ASP.NET is a cornerstone capability of C|S|S. Our expert software engineering team has a proven history of building efficient, scalable, enterprise-grade web solutions for a wide variety of clients. While our new developments typically utilize the MVC framework, we still support Web Forms projects.

SQL Server

Our extensive knowledge and experience of SQL Server database development dates back to day one. We offer custom SQL development services including database architecture, database design, maintenance, support, auditing, optimization, SSIS development, DTSX, reporting, data warehousing, etc.


If your business manages large volumes of data that continuously grow, you might consider a high-performance NoSQL system. Our MongoDB developers are equipped to do just that, providing design, development, deployment, and maintenance.


Elasticsearch is a distributed open source search server that we can leverage for real-time searching and to easily scale your project. It allows for high performance database searching within robust applications.

Wowza Streaming Engine

Wowza Streaming Engine™ is a dependable, customizable media server software that powers reliable streaming of high-quality video and audio to any device, anywhere. We are official Wowza consultants and their clients engage us as a trusted integration team.


With PHP being one of the most widely used programming languages for web development, it only makes sense that we employ a team of PHP experts. It is a language that is extremely versatile and can be used to build applications of all shapes and sizes. PHP has been our technology of choice for many web projects requiring an open source technology. Engage us as your PHP development experts.


Android is being deployed on a wide variety of smartphones and tablets, and moving towards IoT hardware solutions. C|S|S has experience building applications with Android for business solutions, research projects, and product prototyping.


It was March 6, 2008 when Apple released the very first software development kit. This opened the door for innovative developers to start building apps for the iPhone operating system (iOS). You can expect to find millions of different iOS apps that serve a countless purposes. So whether you’ve got an idea for the next big app, or need an internal application to increase workplace efficiency, engage C|S|S as your expert iOS App developers.


Xamarin is a leading mobile development platform, now owned by Microsoft, which allows developers to design iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile applications from a single project within Microsoft Visual Studio. C|S|S has certified development team members with experience leveraging Umbraco for deploying iOS and Android apps.

Pendragon Forms

Pendragon is a rapid mobile development platform for data collection and mobile workflow solutions. It can be integrated with existing organization data sources and provides built in synchronization rules, advanced scripting, and a number of other powerful features for accelerated deployment. We have consulted on dozens of projects for industrial, health, research, and business solutions.


Umbraco is an open-source content management system (CMS) built on .NET technology. It is flexible, robust, organized, and widely used by enterprises, government, and non-profits. Umbraco is our CMS of choice for these reasons as well as our ability to customize and integrate it with other enterprise solutions and databases.


AngularJS, created by Google, is an open-source JavaScript framework. AngularJS excels for web applications that involve data-intensive interfaces and client-side manipulation. Supplementing Angular projects with MVC & MVVM paradigms can allow for a quicker development of complex applications.


Much like its tagline, jQuery allows web developers to ‘write less, do more’. This popular scripting language allows for cross-browser compatibility and easier development of complex functionality. It is highly adaptable with wide array of plugin and widget possibilities. C|S|S taps into jQuery for many of our web applications and are well equipped to utilize it for your custom web solution.


We use this feature-rich front end development framework from Twitter to design beautiful, responsive user interfaces. It has become increasingly popular for developers over the years because of its ease-of-use and excellent support.

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