Custom Software Development

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Custom Business Software

Sometimes "out of the box" software can't alleviate your complex business needs. Our expert software engineers use agile development practices and a multitude of technologies in order to deliver high performance custom software for businesses of all types. After first listening to your objectives, we utilize a consultative approach before prescribing any solutions to ensure that all cost-saving technical alternatives are considered.

Enterprise Application Development & Support

Here at C|S|S, we will help determine and subsequently develop the best possible application for your enterprise technical challenges and specifications. Whether your firm needs a cloud-compatible application built from scratch, or help supporting existing applications and APIs, our enterprise development team is full of seasoned experts who have built many solutions suitable for even the most complex enterprise IT environments.

Software Product Development

Customers expect, and deserve nothing less than stellar tech products. We engage in end-to-end software product development while you focus on executing larger strategic objectives. With extensive expertise in building and testing backend systems for startups and enterprises, our clients consistently praise our product and project development services for high scalability, performance, and security.

Hardware Integration

The Internet of Things (IoT) is accelerating the pace of hardware integration with broader software systems. While the term "IoT" is becoming more prevelant in today's tech space, we've been building software that communicates directly with hardware for over a decade. Our software engineers are more than ready for this new wave of sensor, controller, and other smart device integrations.